What Books Press

Gary Oldman Is a Building You Must Walk Through is on its way from What Books Press of Los Angeles, and will be available for purchase from Amazon on October 15. Some advance praise from these superfine people:

"Gary Oldman... is a gloriously entrancing 'elaboration,' an obsession in prose. One wonders at Gary Oldman, containing multitudes: Wittgenstein's Nephew comes to mind, though so do Notable American Women, The Making of Americans, I Looked Alive. 'This is something which the I hasn't been trained for,' we're told. Indeed." -- Gabriel Blackwell, author of Madeleine E.

"A tessellation of spinning faces—some legendary, some just neurotic—Forrest Roth’s Gary Oldman... is a playful pattern, masterfully tailored, as though for a famous actress, a red carpet star. Perhaps without blushing, perhaps she signs her autograph." -- Lily Hoang, author of A Bestiary

"Like an exploded villanelle, or Oulipo with invisible constraints, this darkly playful Beckettian monologue maps a syntactically circuitous route to the meaning of fame, violence, interiority, and language itself. It's smart, it's mysterious, and it's damn funny." -- Shya Scanlon, author of The Guild of Saint Cooper

"Gary Oldman... is an insanely original, hyperreal romp through the simulacra of celebrity and culture and celebrity culture. In this sprawling monologue of a book, Roth proves that a novel can be just that: novel. There are no precedents." -- Ryan Ridge, author of American Homes