Heavy Feather Review

Heavy Feather Review's Summer 2014 double issue on "Vacancies" has finally made its way out and about, and features two selections from my manuscript in progress: "The Signature of a Gentle Man as Sid Vicious" and "At the Hotel Chelsea, Your Dreams Are Only a Body Bag."

Over 300 pages of vacant goodness are also home to fiction by Matthew Beach, Rita Bullwinkel, Elise Burke, Christine Hennessey, Allegra Hyde, Ani Katz, Jack Kaulfus, John Madera, Kevin O’Cuinn, Marcus Pactor, Shawn Rubenfeld, John Scaggs, Angi Becker Stevens, Kelly Lynn Thomas, Dan Townsend, Brian Warfield, Troy James Weaver, and Theodore Wheeler; poetry by Paul Allen, Priscilla Atkins, Jeremy Behreandt, Alyse Bensel, Meredith Blankinship, Luke Bloomfield, Justin Bond, Amaranth Borsuk, Conor Bracken, Matthew Broaddus, Joshua Butts, Andrew Cantrell, Paul Cunningham, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Rachel Edelman, Brooke Ellsworth, Andy Fitch, Kyle Harvey, Chris Holdaway, M. Ann Hull, Kathleen Jones, Jared Joseph, Christopher Kennedy, Jill Khoury, Grant Kittrell, Tony Mancus, Eric Morris, Christina Olson, Mark Parsons, Vincent Poturica, Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, Brad Rose, Phillip Gregory Spotswood, David Tomaloff, Michael Trocchia, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Jim Whiteside, and Patrick Williams; creative nonfiction by Jeff Chon, Jennifer H. Fortin, Cal Freeman, Sally J. Johnson, Megan Martin, and Joe Mayers; comics by Nick Francis Potter; collages by Erin Case; and art by Francesco Bongiorni and Ben Kehoe.